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North American

Crafted with care

Our objective is to make the best culinary uniforms for the passionate chefs whether at home or at the restaurant.

Whether you are a home chef, a rising chef with a big dream or an established entreprise, we are here for you. Tenzo manufactures a full line of culinary uniforms made out of 100% North American eco-textiles. They are produced at our facility in Quebec, Canada, assuring that we have full control over the production of our garments. 


"My Tenzo is probably the best investment in my kitchen."

Laura Calder, Star chef and Globe and Mail Columnist.

Comfort guaranteed

Multiple sizes assuring the perfect fit, commercial grade eco-textiles for durability and easy care, proprietary patterns that eliminate pressure points, personalized options such pockets, towel holders, embroidery and prints. These are some of the elements that will make working with us easy and fun.  

Lifetime warranty and 30 day money back policy.

Also, our products carry a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their craftsmanship.

*Certain restrictions apply.

Join the movement!

By purchasing a Tenzo, you promote the growth of sustainable initiatives and help us make the earth a better place.  

Together we can make the difference.


You have a choice.

If you had a choice between purchasing an apron that preserves the environment and one that doesn't, which one would you choose?