Small pocket of beauty and humanity project.

“Tenzo is a by-product of post-september 11th, 2001.  Faced with the trauma and sorrow that this tragic event brought on so many innocent people, one question remained.  How can we, as citizens, respond to this incident? Out of the depth of my questioning, came an answer: small acts of beauty and humanity.

 A few years later, I was working as an apprentice chef at a high end restaurant and noticed how everything about our food and our service were carefully thought out except for the clothes we were wearing.  Our commercial uniforms simply did not reflect who we were and how we did things.  From this observation came the idea to develop a line of cooking apparel that could meet the needs of passionate chefs.  This undertaking, I decided, was to be my own attempt to carry out a small act of beauty and humanity.  In search of a name, I fell upon Japanese master Dogen's beautiful text on the Tenzo.  Tenzo is the name given to the head chef at zen buddhist monasteries. The Tenzo is responsible for the well-being of the community and is greatly respected for his understanding of the way and his compassionate nature. And so Tenzo Fine Cooking Apparel was born. 

From the study of the guidelines for the Tenzo, I came to understand that our mission as a company was to meet the needs of the passionate chefs everywhere while minimizing our impact on the earth. From there evolved the vision of our ultimate goal:

"Each Tenzo garment should not only capture the spirit of the chef's art form, it should also help him (her) realize it."

We are inspired by the people and places that we encounter on our journey, how they truly make the world a better place. We are always touched by the chefs whose brilliance are poured out without pretension, just out of love for cooking. 

And so we try to do the same by placing Beauty and Humanity at the center of our business and social actions, whether it is through our products or through our relations with customers. 

I encourage you to find out more about the artisans that have made Tenzo a part of their craft. 

I hope you will join us in this movement. Together we can make a difference!

Frederic Blouin, Founder