About our name 

Tenzo is the name given to the head chef at zen buddhist monasteries. The Tenzo is responsible for the well-being of the community and is greatly respected for his compassionate nature.

Guidelines for the Tenzo

Since ancient times the position of the Tenzo has been held by accomplished monks who have the way seeking mind.  This is so because the position requires wholehearted practice.

In the art of cooking, the essential consideration is to have a deeply sincere and respectful mind regardless of the ingredients.  The great ocean only has one taste.

In performing your duties with the other staff, you should maintain a joyful, kind, and great mind.

'Great mind' is a mind like a great mountain or a great ocean. It does not have any partiality or exclusivity. You should know that the great masters all studied the word over hundreds of matters. 

Thus they brought the great shout of freedom, expounded the great principle, penetrated the great question, trained a great student, and in this way completed the single great matter. 

Written by zen buddhist master Dogen in the year 1237, Guidelines for the Tenzo.