Tradition Collection - bistro aprons

Tradition Collection - bistro aprons


Professional aprons

The tradition bistro apron is made for the culinary enthusiast or the professional trade in search of an elegant, functional, and perfectly fitting apron either for the kitchen or the front room. Multiples sizes, towel holders, pockets, and clip buckles make these aprons very stylish and professional. Comes with Tenzo gift sleeve.

Size (waist size): XS (22-28 in) S (28-32 in) , M (33-39 in) , L (39-45 in)

Green card: 

Materials:  55% organic cotton / 45% recycled polyester

Origins: fabric - North America, fabrication - Canada

Performance - machine wash and dry (yes)  Wrinkle resistant (4/5), Stain resistant (4/5), Shrink free (5/5), Bleach (non-bleach agent such as OxyClean)

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