Here are some of the elements of craftsmanship that we believe are important to the making of a great apron. 


We believe that an apron must first be durable enough for the job at hand.

This begins with the right textiles. Tenzo textiles are unique not only for their eco-nature but as importantly for their construction. The various compositions of organic cotton and recycled polyesters used in our clothing make our uniforms : environmentally friendly, light, soft, breathable, durable, easy to clean, and easy to care for.  All of our textiles are thoroughly tested in real kitchen environments to make sure that they meet the stringent requirements of commercial restaurant environments in terms of function and wear.  Consequently, Tenzo textiles stand out as some of the best in the industry in terms of durability and care.

Next comes the fit.  

Your apron should be designed for you to wear for hours on end.  This is why we have developed our own proprietary patterns that eliminate pressure points at the neck, eliminate shifting at the waist, and fall in the right places on the body. Our professional lines of aprons come in sizes, adjustable neck levels, clip buckles, towel holders and pockets.

Third, it should look great! 

In today’s fashion conscious world, it is not enough for a garment to feel good, it must also look great.   Tenzo defines its look as Contemporary Style.  Our garments stand out in terms of their subtle lines, rich colours, and technical characteristics. This balanced sense of design allows Tenzo garments to fit perfectly within home or restaurant open kitchen environments as well as with a variety of contemporary settings including; french, american, italian, and japanese. No frills, no chills, just balanced aesthetics. Even though our objective is not to design the sexiest and trendiest apron on the market, it has not kept us from being referenced in the Globe and Mail as a couturier apron that takes 10 pounds off your silhouette!

Lastly, it should be made to meet the minds of today's chefs.

That is, made with the best materials, sourced from local producers whose methods protect the earth. 

Tenzo garments are made with this objective in mind.  Eco-textiles, made in North America, providing a great product while reducing our impact on the environment.



Try a Tenzo apron and see for yourself!